Skin Care Favourites of 2011

You’ll find no face wipes here. 2011 was the year I finally ditched the face wipes. Wipes are for tables and not my face. That said I don’t think the transition would have been quite as easy if I hadn’t found skincare that worked for me. I’m sure there will be a few things missing – but these are the guys that work for me and I’ve come to love. Best Cleanser: Shu Uemura Tea Tree Cleansing Oil – £28. The stand out product of the year for me without a doubt. This cleanser is the single best cleanser I’ve used. The oil formula takes a bit of getting used to but it’s super moisturising and melts off make up a dream. I’ve been able to get off thick mascara and eyeliner a treat with this bad boy. Worth ever god damn penny.
Best Toner: Garnier Clean & Fresh – £3. Cheap and cheerful this high street favourite tops my list of toners. I don’t use it too much any more as my cleansing oil pretty much covers me, that said if we’re going to go for the best out there this one comes tops in my book.
Best Moisturiser: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion – £16.50. After my Clinique rant earlier this year this one may come as a surprise, but it’s a really bloody good moisturiser. It hydrates and has been doing me all sorts of good in the winter months without being too heavy. Give the rest of the 3 step plan a miss, but this guy is definitely worth having in your beauty cabinet.
Best Eye Cream: Shu Uemura Phyto-Lift anti-wrinkle cream – £49.50. I’m not going to lie, I did not buy this and probably wouldn’t because £50 is scratching my upper limits. I did however get it in a goody bag and have come to use it every day. I’m sure when I’m super rich and have a lovely job with lots of money I will buy this. That said I do really love this product and it’s part of my daily routine. What am I going to do when it runs out??
Best Exfloriater: Burts Bees Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Treatment £8.50 £10.99. Makes my skin feels brand new and really fresh smelling. I’d never used Burts Bees before but when I tried this guy out I fell in love. There is a banana hand cream I’m DYING to have a shot of.
Best Face Mask: Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Face mask – £19. I stumbled across this wee treat earlier this year and is my go to guy if I fancy popping on a wee treat to my face. My skin aways feels super fresh and hydrated after this guy.
Best All Rounder: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – £25. I believe that every lass should have this in their make up bag. It’s doubled as a moisturiser when my skin’s been unbearable, a lip balm and hand cream. This is something I will use for ever.

Obviously a few things slipped under my radar and I’d love to try some new products out in the new year…..but a good few of these I can’t imagine myself straying from.


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