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Of course is started in a pub….as any Scottish night out is wont to do. To be frank we looked like the weirdest office party in the world, and for the first time in a good long time I found myself drinking before 3 in the afternoon. Of course this kind of behaviour is crazy acceptable…mostly because it’s Christmas (I have been using this excuse since mid November and will continue so in till late January) but also it was the Scottish blogger Christmas meet organised by the babalicious duo of Charlene and Rani. We all met up in spoons – and there was a whole mess of new faces (HIYA PALS) and a few old favourites. After a wee tipple, chat and getting some gorgeous goody bags courtesy of Allison Jameson Consultants filled with looooooovely Osmo goodies we sauntered down to Rox to have a champagne afternoon tea in their thrill room. The Thrill room is looking crazy beautiful and festive at the mo – It’s a Wonderful Life projecting on the big old wall while we sat and ate tiny mince pies and glittery cupcakes under a MASSIVE Christmas tree. All very glam. Lucky us also got hooked up with some stunning stud earrings from the ladies at Rox….lovely Christmas treat. Very delicate and elegant.

Steamboat face courtesy of Wetherspoons

We had a wee creep down Primani which is always a treat – also the quietest I’ve ever seen it. Where the hell is my Christmas Shopping Apocalypse? After we sauntered down to the Christmas market for hot dogs before having a wee saunter to MAC to coo at lipsticks. Apparently Russian Red is being discontinued??? Rip out my heart why don’t ya? Clearly will be stocking up in the next couple of weeks. Can you freeze lipstick? Must investigate. After all this I departed to go meet the besty…and my night ended with us watching Despicable Me, singing Eminem and drinking prosecco. Usually I’d be feeling a bit guiltier about having this much fun on a Monday night but….see above excuse #itschristmas.
I had such a great time and can’t wait to creep out everyones blogs…and a super big saucy thank you to Charlene and Rani for sorting us all out!


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