The Rox Gold Christmas Party

The Thrill Room is easily one of my favourite places to spend an evening in Glasgow. Large comfy seats, gothic candles, a projector for screening classic films and a bar sponsored by Moet…..can’t really think of a nicer place to spend a Saturday night eh? When Toni invited me along to the Rox Gold Christmas party I dusted off my party shoes, pulled out my most ostentatious dress (twas a Christmas party after all) and called up the lovely Betty Swollocks for an evening of diamonds, champagne and Emili Sande. And apparently a claw machine.
Celebrating a year since the re-launch of their Agyll Arcade store it was all cocktails and canapes. Very glam. We were given a token to try out hands at a claw machine. The Swollocks and I had maybe a few too many pinky mojitos by the time our time around…and pretty sure we were pretty much the worst guys at it. That said I did see a fair few folk walking around with Rox bags – filled with their arcade spoils. Emeli Sande performed – which was really nice to see her in a more intimate location.

Rox have a wee video of the night filled with interviews, well dressed people enjoying their sparkly, Emili Sande’s performance and a wee glimpse of me about 6 and a half minutes mark…loosing spectacularly at the claw.
Was wonderful to see some of the girliesCharlene and Anna. A super special thanks to Toni for inviting us. Made the staff party at GFF the next day a bit rough but so very much worth it! Meanwhile this guy has sneaked on to my Christmas list. Dear Santa….


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