A Glasgow Girls Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop – Jewellery Edition

With gale force winds and deadlines a plenty, you’re Glasgow girl doesn’t always have time to visit her favourite haunts, and with the lad strapped to his desk with overtime it’s not the easiest thing in the world to nod knowingly at him as we pass a few of my fave jewellery shops. Now I’m a bit fan of Rox (for diamonds and fine jewellery) and Brazen (for something a bit more off the wall but none the less beautifully crafted) but the jewellery I bring you today is all made in Scotland and available online. A wee well timed email to the boyfriend’s office with some helpful hints may be called for….
First up is Jane Gowans. I’m a big fan of her matchstick collection and would be delighted to find the maggie braclet or oliver necklace under my tree, however it’s her 2011 limited edition collection of rings that’s got me really excited. I’m known for only ever really wearing gold or pearls, however this oxidised black silver ring looks like something out of a fairytale. An edgier and more luxe version of her usual Bessie rings the limited collection featuring rings in silver, yellow gold and my newly beloved oxidised silver. This guy clocks in at £235, the limited collection ranging in price from £200 to £400. Not to bad eh? If looking for something a bit more purse friendly to fill your stockings with her limited edition prints are £25-£30 a pop. I’ll take one of each please. Her orders depending can take up to 4 weeks to be finished, so I’d be getting in your orders now ladies!
Next up is Euan McWhirter. His couture collections have this real feeling of decadence and luxury – particularly his intricate Mary Antoinette inspired collection. While his Lucky Bitches rings are gorgeous (and a steal at £95 a pop) – it’s the Atomic Cuff – a mix of acrylic, swarovski crystals and hand cut glass that’s caught my eye. It’s totally OTT, and makes me think of early Moschino. What I’m getting at is that it’s totally excessive in black and gold – my fave colour combo. This guy slys in at £135…and you can order from Euan directly by email info@euanmcwhirter.co.uk.
How to I decide what piece I’d like from Bonnie Bling? Her broaches and necklaces adorned with the likes of “Bawbag“, “Belter” and “Baltic” would all make fabulous stocking fillers, or hell even by grand wee treats in a Secret Santa…but I’m talking about the kind of shit I want to see under my tree and this delightfully macabre blood drip bracelet from Bonnie Bling’s collaboration with Raksa is right up my alley. At £55 this guy is the perfect ghoulish treat for someone looking for something edgy with a good dose of fun in their parcels.Tatty Bon is round the corner from my house – but not everyone can be so lucky. The shop is filled to the bring with custom and vintage as well as her own jewellery. My favourite of her collection of handmade jewellery is her double scroll crystal hearts. At £12 a piece you can order your colour of crystals and phrase. I’ve got….ocht god knows how many of these. My Horror Queen ring may be a favourite. You can place your order or have a general creep on her etsy. Deff a gift that is pocket friendly. Ideal for getting custom names for your best girlies I’d say.Finally is the mistress of silver herself Anna of Oui Designs. I love her paper girl and silver bullet collections and feel that Oui designs make some of the most beautiful silver jewellery in Scotland. The above piece was a custom broach and necklace for an anniversary gift but Anna has been known to turn her hand at bracelets, rings and photo booklets necklaces. If you have a bit more money to spend and want an original piece anna@ouidesigns.com is the place to go. Me? I’d kill for the silver bullet earrings.

Here’s hoping I’ll find something lovely under my tree! I can pretty much peg down friends and family members who would love each one of these designers. Any of their collections standing out for you?


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