bubble betty – rainwear for happy heads

After the whole Hurricane Bawbag incident coupled with a loss of several hats and twice as much as umbrellas I had pretty much resigned myself to having rain hair for the duration of our super fun Scottish winter weather. Then Toni from Dada got in touch about a new Scottish niche brand – Bubble Betty. It’s pretty much stylised version of the rain hats your Gran wears to protect her perm or her rinse. I’m not going to lie – I was totally skeptical at first. How the fuck do I look like a passable human being with a bit of plastic wrapped round by head? God I didn’t even know how to put the guy on let alone brace the elements.
While not something I think I’d have naturally been drawn to – this reinterpretation of the vintage rainwear with quirky designs is really cute. They come in handy travel sized tins in four sweet designs. I got sent the red lace guy but super fond of the leopard print of black lace. They are 6 bucks a pop and fit right easy in to your handbag…and yup they keep your hair dry without the whole hat loss/brolly death that’s usually inevitable with crap weather. There are a few vintage dolls that I know would rock the shit out of these bad boys and looks fierce as hell…and at £6 a pop,it could easily work it’s way in to any of those ladies stockings in time for Christmas. They aren’t available in shops yet but can be picked up online here.Would love to see some more designs…polka dot/zebra print?
What do you guys think? Plausible alternative to brollys/hats this Winter or a bit too niche?


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