A Glasgow Girls Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop – shop of interest

Next up on my indie Christmas gift guide is the Finneston based shop of interest. Based across from The Hidden Lane this hidden gem is the West End destination for quirky home ware and art. Easy to get to (get the train to Exhibition Centre, turn up and walk on to the main street…you will not miss it) the pricing here is if you fancy getting something a little bit special. Some of my favourites from the online shop include the Friendly Buildings Prints. I’m a sucker for a good piece of wall art and priced at £35 from a limited run of 50 these guys are fun – and are the sort of guy that would make an EXCELLENT present for the sister and her fiance to help make their new year house a home. I have to say I love a decedent bit of home ware and the ceramic puppy plate from Glasgow based illustrator Lindsay Grime is to die for. It reminds me of those weird dogs my Great Gran had in front of her fire place (which to be fair I believe is the point.) Got to say this guy does make me want to start a plate collection on my wall with various domesticated animals painted on them – and at £49 I believe I’d want to display this as art before eating off it. I know this is something my pup mad best friend would heavily appreciate. Finally the fly scarf by Craig Fellows. Pure silk and just a bit macabre. My affinity for a fancy scarf had me swooning at this guy – £89 it’s cheaper than your usual fancy scarf. I suspect this would be an excellent gift for the grown up goth in your life. Some of the prettier prints like the poppy would be something I just know my Gran would love!
I’d say this place is best for those looking for affordable prints as well as a wide selection of ceramic jewellery. If ever in the West End, def somewhere to fly on by.


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