on my first forray in to fashion film (behind le scenes)

This week has been ridiculous. A mid week visit from the vino fairy probably did not help how ridiculous it was. Either way it’s not over yet and the next two weeks are set to be a wee bit hectic. Just the way I like it.
Last night however was completely new ground for me as In the Company of Wolves decided to dip our paws in to fashion film. So we pulled a team together made up of some talented Glasgow folk (the amazing video production company Artist Media, Claudia Nova on make up, Rainbow Rooms sorting some sweet hair and the gorgeous Lauren Andrew modelling.) Armed with a good few garment bags, some false nails, a lot of tape and some sweet perspex jewellery we set to work in the gorgeous St Jude’s on Bath Street.It was a pretty long evening, which we expected but was great fun. I’m pretty sure I spent a great deal of the night taking clothes in and out of garments bags! We were very very lucky to get to shoot in the hotel and got a run of a few of the rooms (each room is decorated completely different which is lush, room 4’s black and white wall print was definitely a winner for me.) I have to say working on this was the warmest I’ve ever been in my life. With our team, plus the film lights it made for one roasty toasty shoot. Do not envy Miss Andrew at all. The velvet cape we worked with (which is gorgeous) looked sweltering! The boys from Artist Media were amazing, playing about with lights and getting properly gorgeous shots, and Claudia was always on hand with a touch of powder. If I’m honest I was dreading this video something rotten the night before. The rescheduling had knocked me for six but Ally knew we wanted to do it and definitely motivated me in to feeling it again. Think if it wasn’t for her positive energy I’d have been growling away with a pack of cigarettes. But we got it. Everything is on film and ready for editing, so hopefully I’ll have a teaser soon enough – and then the film will be ready for the show. I don’t want to say too much about last night…but I’ll leave you with this image from Lauren’s phone from the last scene we shot on the night……


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