on in the company of wolves – our october show: catwalk

Wednesday night. 10 minutes before doors I’m being talked through the lighting. RGB. White Light. Strobe. God I loved the strobe. Backstage is manic. Girls are still having nails applied, hair dressed and lipstick reapplied. I’m in the DJ Booth next to the Man in Black (Dirty Larry) and Florence To (arguably one of the most talented young VJ’s in Glasgow) and it’s an hour to catwalk. At some point in the evening I’ve convinced myself that yes….my kurt geiger’s are a brilliant idea before show time. I check the floor. Everyone getting in okay? Goody bags going out? Brilliant. Girls all prepped and primed backstage? Too right. Levi’s taking photos while I clutch to my irb bru firey. Tensions are high and I’m pretty much clutching the moleskine for dear life.
The actual show starts. Sound clip from cannibal girls and some strobe…and Sweet Danger starts off the show. I feel myself be able to breath out. We’re all go. Lurking in my booth I check everything goes out in the correct order and giving cues to Flo. Ally literally has my back, behind the booth doing last minute checks on girls. I have my girls Emma and Katy backstage and a mix of girls backstage varying in experience from 4 years of working at fashion shows to having dressed only themselves.
Anyway…some how we did it. We had this amazing performance art piece from Claudia Nova and crew in the intermission as well as our short fashion film, and really hope you guys deeked out some of the collages and blood dripped pieces hung by Rachel Sharpe.
Some amazing images have cropped up since, so I thought I’d share a few of my faves. Pics all are watermarked and belong to Duncan Holmes and Lorraine Ross.
All the designers were amazing, but I did have a few fave pieces. Sweet Danger’s painted silk maxi halters were something that I had a wee soft spot for, as well as Isolated Heroes green dress with red skeleton sequin outline. Our finale with Bonnie Bling was insane. The Shower Scene was hand stitched and how that even came together and looked as good as it did was beyond me. I was pretty stoked at the BB & Raksa piece called “Drowned” which featured the blood drip bracelet. WANT THE BLOOD DRIP BRACELET.
Anyway this is the first of what I imagine will be a few posts about the evening that will creep up but you really should check out our ITCOW facebook for more prime photos as well as updates about all the amazing designers that took part.


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