on hand shadow jewellery

I’m not a big jewellery person. Well okay I am. I like anything gold. I like chains – sticking to my bog standard pieces of jewellery that I wear near enough every day (my gran’s eternity ring and various long chain necklaces.) That said I heavy enjoy a bit of perspex, and when I stumbled across the work of Inca Starzinsky I couldn’t help but fall in love with her quirky shadow animal silhouette designs. The acrylic pieces are laser cut and each come in bespoke envelopes and boxes with illustrations of the hand positions used to make the animals! How cute!
Even better….her rings are available in Glasgow in one of my favourite indie boutiques Welcome Home (based in the CCA near Sleazy’s on Sauchihall Street) for the most reasonable price for £15. May be a bit early for Christmas but perhaps a cheeky wee stocking filler? Online they have the dinosaur, rabbit, bird and deer. I’d love to see the pendants come to Glasgow, I think the deer is my favourite (very simple) and the frog pendant is cracking!
Any of these bad boys stand out for you?


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