on goth birthday parties, lilac hair and work preview

It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here for me at Stuart Towers. Birthday times, ITCOW times and various other bits and bobs. That said in the past week I’ve never had it so good on the dining stakes. Two steak lunches in a week? A trip to Rogano for the mother? DON’T MIND IF I DO. Seriously though….back to the gym for me – may need to book myself back in to the dreaded spin after my week of cake and cocktails.
A few of you tweeties (and gals I know via the old facebook) will gave known I’ve jumped ship blonde (for now) and went a frosted lilac. Tried various dyes because…well I have all the hair in the world.Recommendations? Go for a cheap goth colour. I know Salon Services is oft seen as the go to place for hair dye, but for semi-permanents with unusual colours without dropping top dollar you need to visit a goth shop. Crazy Colour is about £7 a bottle and just doesn’t cover my hair the way I need it to. A trip to Osiris and Directions AND Stargazer both do lilac shades (and pretty much any colour you desire, including candy floss pink) for £3 a time. Comes with gloves and everything and is super simple to use. Years of living in the adult shades of auburns,hazels and blondes had me forget my roots.
The birthday time will suprise none of you – Elvira inspired gothy affair with some of my favourites, drinking punch, shooting the breeze and eating skull cake (which I made thank you very much.)
Now AS EXCITING as my hair colouring and birthday escapades are, I do actually do things other than drink out of ostentatious punch bowls and bake cake. Currently my flat is just a dream of latex,lace,sheer and studs. If you haven’t guessed yet…I have bits and pieces from most of the In The Company of Wolves designers floating around my flat after our shoot on Wednesday. You should have seen me Tuesday evening ladies. I was having beautiful things delivered to my flat almost on the hour. My poor flatmate felt the need to go buy a steak and some beer as our living room transformed in to a palace of indie fashion dreams. The actual shoot day was fantastic – having a car to work with was a live saver. Our team was amazing and Ally and I can’t thank everyone enough – Levi and her sweet photo skills, Taz our beautiful model (I don’t think that girl took one bad picture…EVER) and the amazing Kaeleigh Wallace for her hair and make up skills. A special thank you to our ITCOW intern Emma Q who looked after the clothes, Taz and had a wee dab at styling. Anyway…thought I would give you ladies a wee preview pic that doesn’t give too much away but..well.

I cannot tell a lie, I have never been more excited for an ITCOW…(I say this every time.) I feel it is worth noting we’re hosting a model casting at Bar Soba next Monday between 4-7. The page for the whole affair you can find here.


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