on sunscreen and facials – a zen salon review

There are two things you pretty much need to know about my experience with Zen Salon. First….by the time I left – there were two year olds out there who would be jealous of how smooth my skin was. Secondly microdermabrasian is the single weirdest treatment ever. Not unpleasant. Weird.

When Snooki asked me if I fancied reviewing Zen Salon’s, hell yes I jumped at the chance. I love a nice wee spa treatment now and then, and hell any excuse to return to my beloved Burgh. Little did I know that Zen on Tiviot Place was pretty much located next to some of my favourite places (a hop skip and a jump from The Elephant House where J.K wrote Harry Potter dontchaknow) and effectively across the road from the Forrest Cafe. I was a bit late thanks to a super fun combination of the Fringe and festival traffic, but on arrival I was greeted warmly by my therapist Maxine who talked me through the treatments I’d be receiving – including a digital skin analysis and my microdermabrasian facial.

First of all the Digital Skin Analysis. Well I was scared pretty much shitless. As I’ve recently cut down on smoking drastically I had my fingers crossed for slightly not gruesome results, but there was still part of me in my head telling me that I did indeed have the skin of a 40 year old boot and that there was nothing they could do for me. Any fears were mostly put at ease by Maxine as I placed my head in what can only be described as this looming white chamber – which is apparently the same kind of tech they use on 10 years Younger. A looming white chamber that judges you and your skin. Technology wise (look at me pretending I know a darn about tech) it’s quite impressive, taking 3 separate shots of your face and analysing pores, sun damage – permanent and semi permanent, bacteria, spots, wrinkles – you name it this guy looks at your skin then analyses how you compare to other people your age. Things that surprised me and delighted me was that when it comes to spot (NO WAY), wrinkles and pores my skin is considerably better when compared to 100 women. Colour me smug. That said…when they showed me the skin damage. God my skin she crawled. Now my moisturisers and foundations for the most part tend to have an SPF. I love my Laura Mercier…but she is sans sun screen and this put a good helping of fear in to me. Now it’s not like there was a grand reveal of – brown spots, they are coming your way – but yeah. That’s what it is. The permanant skin damage shows where the damage will show through your skin in a few years time…almost like freckles that will darken. This is pretty much something I’d like to avoid. That old addage about sun screen rings true, and even in Scotland should have at least some SPF on your face. They aged my skin by a couple of years with technology…and as expected it wasn’t that drastic (bringing me up to the ripe old age of 25…) so that wasn’t as horrible as I’d expected. PHEW. That said…the texture of my skin, lots of little grooves were going to be sorted with my microdermrasian facial.

I was taken through to the treatment room which was all candles and sparkling water. Maxine explained how the treatment worked. the Microdermabrasian treatment uses Diamondtone using diamond tipped wands to smooth out the skin. This is used in conjunction with suction. After cleansing my face I was given light microdermabrasian round the eyes, then a more medium (harder I suppose) treatment around the rest of my face. It was…strange. Sort of like little pucky kisses. You could feel it working and smoothing out your skin (I know I definitely felt it on my nose) and while it was an unusual sensation I can’t say that it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. After a while it actually gets quite relaxing. Once she was done with the Diamondtone there was a lot of lovely cleansing, moisturising products used on my face – Priori’s range which is more of corrective skin care than cosmetic so work deep under the skin. Then I was treated to an amazing arm massage. I swear to God I’d entered the salon on the ceiling, ready to kill…and after a facial and arm massage I felt like I was floating on air.

I think I’m a convert to Microdermabrasian as leaving the salon my skin felt unbeleivable. Friends I met for coffee after were greeted with the welcome “TOUCHMAFACE.” With 3 salons located pretty much in the centre of Edinburgh I can’t think of any reason not to visit Zen…..other than the hour bus ride. Glasgow salon please?


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