on a house is not a home

David Black is pretty much one of my favourites – and when he teamed up with the girls from G2E Events and Evita of Start Pronto he brought to Glasgow an innovative fashion exhibition in his first independent presentation “A House is Not a Home.” What I loved about this event was that it showcased fashion in a new format other than traditional catwalk or fashion film (though I do love these presentations.) The Old Hairdresser’s became a set deranged housewives house. You could really feel the despair. The models walked in a disjointed manner, detached from the characters trauma as she wonders through her derelict living space. With smeared lipstick and mascara stained cheeks the entire presentation felt really cohesive. Also…there was a lot of black. APPROVED. I love Black’s exploration of dark suburbia with his classic vintage cuts – and I was swooning away at his black lace skirt. The exhibition was gothic and moody and just wonderful.

David returns to Heriott Watt this year to finish his final year. I CANNOT wait to see what this boy has in store for all of us.

More pics on the itcow tumblr – thanks to my wonderful lass Emma.Q.


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