on heartcore (proudrace)

I can’t look at this collection without thinking of Miles Aldridge and this photo. This is a good thing.
I don’t think there are actual words for how much I heavily enjoy the Proudrace new Heartcore collection. It’s all religious iconography with really simple elegant shapes. I mean okay the colour palette isn’t usually my thing but the focus here is more on the cut and the print – the fringing and the sheer and uft. The smoke grey dress is one of those things I dream about Claire of the future wearing…(Claire of the future who has mastered the art of day time heals and doing her hair.) A lot of the pieces are simple enough that the could be integrated in to a wardrobe without being boring. That said nothing with a Jesus print is going to be boring. Call it a bit tacky but it’s a soft spot for me – like anything with cats, black and gold and sheer.
While religious iconography can be seen as tacky – I feel that Proudrace avoids it here with it’s muted and simplistic colour palette. It remains edgy without being garish. Brava.


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