on haus of willow rhinestone shoes

Yes I’m aware these guys have been featured all over the internet lately…but it is my sworn duty to post about these bejewelled beauties. There is….a small part in my brain that tells that I’m not really into rhinestones. This part of my brain is a horrible lie. Well..half lie. I don’t like them on tshirts…but on shoes. On shoes it is most good. So these guys sneaked up on my dash from etsy seller Haus of Willow and boy I was sold. OH and yeah…they are like under £50.

Looking at these bad boys I keep having fantasies about buying hunners of crystals (or prying apart all my old primark jewellery) and going gun ho with the glue gun. Naturally this is the only way to go.

I don’t even want to imagine what the post and packaging would be like on these guys but I totes want to make a pair for myself. If you are too lazy….or not crafty and have some cash dollah you can always buy them here.


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