on friday feline fix

I’m sorry to let you all know that I am the kind of person who finds tiny cats in costumes adorable. I mean we’re all familiar with the glory/horror that is kitty wigs right? Well yeah….this is a step back from giving your fluffy friend a new doo in “pink passion” (personal fave btw) and all kinds of precious. I say precious mostly because it’s a scottish fold. A scottish fold dressed as a Queen. With tiny little rosebuds.

Anyway Vice released a book of cats in fashionable duds, from the “premier cat tailor” Takako Iwasa. Takako’s from Japan and is all about the kitty couture. Outfits for kitties include “frog transformation set” and “shawl of a rabbit”and my favourite “Queen’s Coat.” Scottish folds in tiny costumes. This is something I am okay with. You can buy Fashion Cats on amazon for just under 7 and a half of your best british pounds here. Vice did the single best interview with Takako with MORE kitty pictures. Consider this your Friday feline fix.


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