on eye jewellery (you are doing it right)

I’m going to pretend that the relevation of my love of eye jewellery is a big old suprise to the lot of you. Not that I haven’t frequently cooed at anything with eyes that creeps on my newsfeed…or continiously dropping hints to the boyfriend about getting me some Butler & Wilson (my sister picked up on the hint a few years back and got me the crystal eye ring)…but it is my beleif that a lady cannot have enough kitch jewellery – featuring heavily in eyes and cats. Actually…include in this guy lobsters, chilli peppers, skulls and studs but eyes and cats feature quite heavily in my collection. Anyway browsing a wee bit of Topshop one eve (compiling birthday wishlists…preparing myself for the inevitable 20% student discount evening) when holla bitch….that is some sweet eye jewellery you got going on Topshop. 2 necklaces and a broach. I APPROVE.

Picture Eye Necklace £20, Spiky Eye Necklace £18, Spiky Eye Broach £10

Long time followers will know I have a kind of weird relationship with silver coloured jewellery. I’m an old fashioned girl and I like gold…and pearls. Silver just isn’t something I feel I suit (I can hear the naysayers not..how can you not SUIT silver)…well yeah. THIS right hear solves my problems. Eyes and gold together at last.


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