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I’m all for spending money on skin care. I mean I’m not saying there are any products out there that are going to work miracles and the best bet any of us have of good skin is eat right and drink lots of water. Oh so much water. But that doesn’t mean skin care companies can’t give us a helping hand – and a good skin care routine does make a difference. While I’m guilty of using a face wipe on occasion (it’s better off your face than on) I’m an advocate of cleanse,tone,moisturise. I just think when it comes to wipes…well wipes are for like surfaces, not your face. That said at £56 for the set – is this the kind of dollar we should be paying out for good skin?
When I first walked in to Clinique a few months ago I was just looking for the moisturiser. I had some extra cash and I remember being quite fond of it. Plus they had that whole offer on where you got loads of freebies which is also quite awesome. Anyway in I went and before I know it I’m whisked in to a seat and grilled on my skin only to find out…”dry/combo.” Dry? With my forehead? Apparently so. My cheeks can be quite dry, normal to oily t-zone. After finding out after all this year I’d been treating my skin as if it was normal/greasy I thought – to hell with it. Let’s give this guy a try. The 3 step routine features a cleansing soap, toner and moisturiser.

Step 1 – Cleansing Soap: I quite like the cleaning soap – it takes off my mascara a treat, and I find it quite sensitive when I’m rubbing it all over my face. It doesn’t really smell too much and has a nice gel like texture that builds up in to a fine lather with water. THAT said – don’t think that it really lifts make up as thoroughly as I’d like it. I’m a girl who is short on time most of the time and feel I have to do this step twice to make sure I’ve got all the make up off my skin.

Step 2: Toner: I really like the toner. It has a slight tingle that is not all together unpleasant and leaves the skin feeling fresh. That said it does go down a lot quicker than the other products even if I am using a titch.

Step 3: Moisturiser: I love a good moisturiser and this guy is pretty good as moisturisers go. It is absorbed easy in to the skin so doesn’t leaving me feel greasy or like I have a layer of moisture on my skin. It feels quite fresh and hydrated. I really enjoy the feel of this as well. For dry skin it doesn’t feel too heavy. Easily my favourite out of the 3 step plan.

I know a few people have found the products a bit harsh on the skin. Personally I didn’t find it too abrasive and quite enjoyed it. That said…£56. I’m not sure how much of my skin clearing up I can really credit to Clinique. I feel the 3 Step skin care encourages a cleansing, toning, moisturising habit which will always improve the skin. I’ve still got a bit left and will continue to use it, and I feel it has helped me get back in to the routine of taking care of my skin properly, but I can’t say that I love it or will be buying it again. I’m curious to hear your opinions on this guy though? What’s your routine/fave products?
Clinique is available at Boots and any good department store.

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