on arbonne re9 anti-aging review

A few weeks ago a friend of mine got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out some new beauty products from Arbonne. Sure..I thought, why the fuck not? Little did I know that being over 21 put me right in to the super fun “anti-aging” skin care category. Do not get me started on this. I’m not even 23 yet and you want me to worry about wrinkles? NOW?!?
That said….this range ain’t half bad. The set includes a cleansing face wash, a spray toner, day cream, serum, night cream and neck cream. Extensive to say the least – and you know what, way too many products than I have the time to deal with twice a day. Call me lazy…but cleansing,toning and moisturising is enough. Having to incorporate serum, eye cream and neck cream is far more than I need to worry about right now. However – while the range is a bit intense for me – there was definitely bits and bobs I liked about this collection.
First and foremost I really liked the serum. I’ve NEVER used serum before but I really enjoyed this. It had a nice fresh feeling and really felt that it gave my skin a boost. It has a lovely gel texture opposed to a cream, and while I don’t have cash money to keep up this kind of extensive skin care habit – the arbonne serum has made me reconsider my thoughts on serum. I mean I can live without it, but if I had the money I’d be all over this like a bad rash. The second product I really enjoyed was the cleansing face wash. It has this lovely orange scent that isn’t too over powering and I felt that it cleansed my skin pretty well. Snaps for arbonne.
That said – I was overwhelmed by the toner. The whole spray on aspect of something is just something that I’m not crazy for and can’t see myself getting on board any time soon. I prefer my toner being delivered with a cotton pad thank you very much. I wasn’t overly crazy for the packaging either…though I feel this has more to do with the RE9 range than Arbonne is general as I love the sleek minimalistic design of their make up range. I also feel that the size of the containers is a bit off as large bottles contain actually relativley small ammount of product. Feels a bit unecessary.
Overall though Arbonne’s RE9 anti-aging range is nice enough. It made my skin feel fresh and I really enjoyed the smell. The products are good quality – though as I only trialed it for a couple of weeks the long term benifits for my skin are a bit more difficult to read. As a brand – I’m not crazy for the way it’s marketed through representatives. While I’ve never been pressured to buy it still is not a set up I’m crazy for. That said representatives do allow you to trial the products before you buy which is always nice – but it’s one of those things I would prefer behind a counter than from one of my friends.


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