on toxic vision bad reputation collection

I live in a world of two extremes. Part of me is all about trying to be classic and elegant and timeless…and the other part…the other part likes anything with leather,latex and studs. I’m pretty sure there is a super fun middle ground I can dance in to, but for now – Toxic Vision’s Bad Reputation Collection falls quite firmly in the second camp. Itself as a collection is a juxtaposition of edge and femininity…mixing soft pinks with leather and studs – and pretty floral cigarette pants with cropped biker jackets and leather white and pink shorts with zips. Bows feature prominently adding a softer edge and the entire collection is predominately pastel and pinks with harder fabrics. While I still have a fondness for their previous Bewitched collection – fringed jackets that still pretty much haunt my dreams – the Bad Reputation collection is definitely getting under my skin. Namely the pink leather studded jacket. I can’t imagine anything I really could ever want more.The Bad Reputation is now available to buy online on etsy, all images from Toxic Clothing Tumblr.


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