on sinister sights in synthetic moonlight

It’s safe to say that the work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez is pretty much of a favourite of mine, having previously blogged about a couple of her collections including Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery and The Cyclops Apprentice. Gonzalez returns to form with fetish inspired structured leather with sinister sighs in synthetic moonlight. While before the collections have found there bases in more romantic fantastical notions such as mythology and victoriana – the new collection seems to be more grunge inspired with heavy knits and chains. Bondage and fetish prevails itself through Gonzalez collections – the more unusual pieces from the collection including what I’m pretty sure is a Chasity belt and a leather bra. However the collection is filled with more wearable pieces including a leather garter with gold chains (my beating heart be stilled), squared off giant belted wedges and the finest handbag I ever did see. I’m yet to see a collection that Gonzalez is to put out that I don’t fall in love with.

Check out the rest of the collection here and swoon away.


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