on osmo intensive deep repair mask review

“Specially formulated for over stressed, heat traumatised and chemically abused hair” – well that’s me in a nut shell. I’ve really put my hair through the ringer over the years – and going from red to blonde was nearly the straw the broke the camels back – but was of course just one of the steps on my road to sexy hair redemption. Mostly trying to get back to my natural hair colour and do this whole not putting dye on my hair and ruining all my nice towels thing. Currently my hair is in one of those states where hairdressers are more than a little nervous to even do my roots let alone even out my colour lest I look forward to loosing 5 inches at once and sporting a bob (I don’t…..growing my hair this long has taken long enough.) Anyway I’m doing this damage control thing where I try keep my hair real nice, get it cut every few months and hope that I’ve found a way to get around loosing my length and staying blonde. I bought the Osmo Deep Repair Mask from Salon Services for around £5 and the effects are pretty good. You apply the mask to towel dried hair 3-5 minutes for a nice moisture boost, 7-10 minutes for hair that is beyond death. I tend to leave it for about 15 minutes and I swear to do once I’ve rinsed it off my hair just feels miles better. I’ve been doing it once a week (or trying to) but might try bump this up to twice a week. My hair looses some of its frizzy dryness and just looks far sleeker. It totally helps that it smells completely lush as well – a nice light coconut smell.
For anyone who’s hair is frazzled or enjoys a love affair with bleach like I do – I’d pretty much recommend making this a staple in your bathroom. Inexpensive and uber affective. I’ve pretty much found my hair saviour.


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