on dolce and gabbana bright star collection

I’ve some how managed to miss a lot of what’s been going down the catwalk recently, not out of disinterest, but the constant stream of new collections – resort, fall, spring summer, couture…my oh my where is a girl to begin? That said Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2011 collection could not pass me by if it tried. The entire collection is just so playful mixing feminine ankle socks with tight femme fatale star print dresses to mid calf juxtaposed with male tailoring and sharp collars. It feels like wearable dress up.Brogues and socks and collars and star prints and little bags perched on the hip. I’ve quite the fan of menswear so seeing masculine tailoring in here mixed with the sexy feminine look is right up my alley. The star print throughout is gorgeous – in pussy blow blouses and calves to mid length or to the floor. There is a definite elegance here throughout without loosing it’s sense of fun. That said…I’m not a fan of the star earrings. They just seem a bit cheap. However I’m not going to lie, I would die for that gold glitter star dress. It is too perfect!
pics via fashionista


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