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I suspect I’m a little bit late on the Violent Lips bandwagon, only really finding out about them a week ago after a couple of friends got them done at Pout in Glasgow, but after creeping about the internet for a bit apparently these temporary tattoo style lip transfers are a thing. A thing that I am very much okay with.As a kid I was crazy for temporary tattoo transfers…they would always go on my arm so I could pretend I was some ex convict or sailor…or my hand because….well because I was 6 for christ sakes. Anyway this being brought forward and brought in to my make up bag is something I can get on board with. I’ve tried to do fancy smancy stuff with my make up before…leopard print eyes that ended with eyeliner smudged all down my face – and two tone lipstick where the colours just blended in to each other. Violent Lips takes the hassle out of it. Lasting from between 4-8 hours these guys seem perfect for a night out. If you order from the site you get a pack of 3 from under $15 and you just cut the lips to your own mouth shape, wet cloth, wham bam thank you mam. The designs are amazeballs – favourites include pretty much anything leopard print, the american flag and the roses print (which is alas out of season.) There are some pretty amazing glitter transfers that are coming in soon so you can bet your bottom dollar I’m looking out for these bad boys.
Currently they are doing free shipping (to the UK hurrah!) if you buy 3 orders or more. Now all I need to do is find my some cash dollar and various special occasions to crack them out for.
That said – if you’re a Glasgow based lass like myself and fancy checking out these guys in the flesh before bulk buying you can get yourself a set of Violent Lips done at Pout on 11 Bain Street. It’s worth saying they also do the best fake nails I’ve ever seen in my life.


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