on topshop lipstick – on the town review

I’ve been looking for a lilac lipstick for a while. One that is the perfect shade of pastel without looking like Laura Palmer. I flirted with Lime Crime (great colour pigmentation but a bit bold for what I was hoping to achieve), I liaised with Barry M (great coverage but made me look like a corpse) and contemplated MAC, gathering my empties together hoping to find my perfect shade without having to spend all the money in the world.
Then I went in to Topshop and saw it. Velvet finish. £8. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and the shade was pretty much perfect. Throwing caution in to the wind (or you know…sauntering up to the till) I bought my first pale lipstick…that wasn’t a nude.
First things first. This was pretty much the colour I was hoping for. That said, it did take me a while to warm to. It had a nice finish and felt very moisturising but it was lilac. It’s a very very cold pale pink with blue tones, and felt very odd seeing myself with such a pale lip – retreating from my usual red. That said – I felt a lot better about it once I had a full face on and added a nice finish to a night out look when I fancied being heavy handed with the eyeliner. It lasted for a long time and people seemed to like it.
While I like this lipstick – it can be hard to wear and wouldn’t recommend it if you have any qualms about making your teeth look yellow. Unlike a red, this will not act like a whitener. The lipstick also had quite a sweet smell to it which didn’t bother me, but if you’re extra sensitive to these things I would give it a miss.
Overall: A departure from my usual red base, and while I can’t imagine it being my every day lipstick yet, deff one for nights out. It feels great on and had a nice glossy finish with an even coverage. If you’re looking for a nice lilac lipstick that won’t break the bank you can’t really go wrong with On the Town.


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