on popping your collar with dimepiece designs

There are few things I approve of more thoroughly than a good collar. A very good sharp collar. It’s just one of those things that instantly makes my heart do that pitter patter thingy. Anyway it should come as no surprise that the idea of detachable collars is right up my street. Like we’re talking “where have you been all my life”…call them my 80denier staple I didn’t realise I was missing. Now dimepiece designs is populated mostly by grunge and counter culture inspired tshirts – which also translates in there collars – with crosses and polka dots and all sorts of goodness. Of course $40 seems a bit frightening for you know…a collar, so this may be one of those times I cross my fingers and gun for Topshop picking up on this idea…like turbans and the like. I’m kind of dying for the black and white cross guy….think it could transform a whole mess of outfits.
Detachable collars then…the love/lust I’ve found…not just me?


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