on laura mercier foundation review

You know, I’d always thought I’d found my perfect foundation with double wear. It was matte, provided a full coverage and came in as near as a colour match as I’d ever seen for myself. I fall in to a very distinctive shade dubbed only as a whiter shade of pale. I am pretty sure a couple of shades paler and I would be goth white. Anyway….I thought I’d found the perfect foundation, but then I was in Space NK one day, having a browse. My skin had been playing up lately – making the sexy transgressison from normal to combination – and quite frankly my skin wanted something that was less drying, less cloying than double wear.
Now I was hesitant at first. Silk creme foundation. Fine. Pale as pale can be shade. Double fine. “Luminous formula.” WOAH NELLY. I was used to matte coverage…had been since time began…what was this…luminosity they spoke of? I didn’t want to look dewy. Just look like I had the skin of a 22 year old. A 22 year old who doesn’t smoke. Is that so much to ask? (I know this has a lot to do with me giving up smoking…which I’m in the process of, but for now, a bit of make -up can give me a little hand surely?) Once applied though the foundation didn’t have the “dewy” finish I had been dreading. I wasn’t shiny. The coverage was pretty full without being heavy, the colour looked good…and I looked fresh. My cheeks didn’t feel like they were tight from make-up. All of these things were good things.
So what was the damage? Well…£8 more than my usual, 35ml clocking in at £33. That said…a little does go a long way and this has become my favourite foundation. It offers me everything I want without drying out my skin. I’m from the school of thought where a good base can allow you to skip corners else where (collection 2000 eyeliner anyone?) and it for me offers a sense of security. I wear soft ivory which is pale as anything and perfect for me, and I will continue to use this till someone can trump this foundation.
So ladies, I’m curious as to your fave bases? Foundations…concealers…blushes the lot. Is £33 too much for the “perfect foundation”?


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