on a world where i wear rings

It’s been a while. Since I last blogged I’ve managed to spend more money than I actually have (nothing new there), finish Flowers for Algernon (cried), read most of American Psycho, revisit all the Harry Potter films, GFF work and start the Clinique 3 Step Plan. The last one is a little bit of a lie as I’m still trying to finish my Origins moisturiser, but quite curious as to what a £54 skincare routine will get me. I am expecting clear skin and god damn youthful radiance for that kind of dollah.

Anyway – I’ll report back with my progress from ridiculously expensive skincare routine and instead revisit a world where I wear rings. Lots and lots of rings. I think a shit ton of rings looks pretty awesome but I either have weird hands (rings oft being too big and too small for me at the same time) or I just need to stop buying all my jewellery from the high street. For the most part, as good as they look they just get in the god damn way. That said it doesn’t mean a girl can’t indulge in a little bit of jewellery porn now and


Cosa Fina jewellery’s raw collection featuring 14 karat gold or silver and quartz crystals is pretty much to die for. I’m just going to throw this out there. Peach gold. PEACH gold. That pretty much sounds dreamlike. I don’t really know what the appeal for me with this collection is here. My usual tastes tends to lean towards either towards armour jewellery with extra goth or very sinmple classic pieces (I live a lift in extremes.) Chunky jewellery isn’t really my ball park but I suppose the edition of quartz crystals has enough pagan undertones to lure me in. The amethyst and hematite rings are my favourites (rose and black…predictable non?)…though the price tag is something I’m less than fond of. $1,700 a ring . Meep.

I’m pretty sure Topshop will give me a pretty good imitation that may or may not turn my fingers green.

I am okay with that.


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