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Well, the past week has been fairly manic. My holiday doth approach and my time has pretty much been spent, packing, repacking – weighing my options and my bags and evaluating how much sunglasses a girl really needs. I’ve settled with a modest four. In between getting euros and weeping over how much crap I don’t really need to take away I’ve been spending my days hunting for films (a mix of the best job and worst job in the world) and…oh yeah, holy shit my little sister got engaged.
This pleases me greatly not only because sisterling is the single most important person to me in my life but I know that her boy of choice will make her extremely happy. Other than being utterly delighted for my sister, I get to unleash my inner creepy bride. “Help me plan the wedding Claire?”…of course Laura, let me open my extensive database of venues,bakers and inspiration blogs. I’m not entirely sure if she’s quite sure of the monster she’s unleashed but I’m quite excited. I’ve never really thought about my own wedding….(well I’ve joked I’m going to rise from the floor to the phantom of the opera theme, my bridesmaids like the four horsemen of the apocalypse)….but doing events I do occasionally come across a wedding blog and coo (yes I coo) at the decorations.

Among all this madness I came across the work of Estonian jeweller Krista R. Taking inspiration from historical costumes, ball gowns and nature Krista creates the most beautifully detailed textile jewellery. Creeping through her different collections I found myself falling a little bit in love with key pieces of each collection. Shamelessly girly and decedent and not one to break the bank either. I approve.
I’m quite fond of a nice broach so the Borocco collection is up my street. These ceramic broaches inspired my french aristocrats are uh-mazing, priced from £49-£54, no two are alike. I love how the girls in the broaches look like they are off to a masquerade ball and have really elaborate hair pieces adorned with swarovski crystals and beads.
From the Remains of the Day collection come some of the most beautiful and shamelessly over the top textile jewellery I’ve ever seen. A mixture of decedent necklaces and lovingly crafted cuffs made with vintage fabrics and lace and lovingly hand embroidered. The pieces look like they have come straight out of a dream. I’m pretty much a sucker for the Gossamer Wing II necklace – a one of a kind piece of pinks and purples and mauve’s. It clocks in at £232 – which is out of my budget (let’s face it, anything not from Primark is out with my budget) but I can still dream, pretending I’m some fabulous lady of leisure with lots of beautiful fabric jewellery. I do feel like I need to point out the bead work though. It’s astounding.The Lace Story collection is probably my favourite collection. The line is more affordable ranging from £71 – £249 (most pieces kicking about the £100-£120 mark) and it’s all antique lace and frou. Beading and embroidery and gossamer. The details are hand beaded and embroidered and the colour scheme throughout is soft and ultra feminine. Sometimes I need the break from my inner goth to go live in a fairytale realm where all I wear is lace and constantly have good hair. And maybe a dry ice machine following me around just to add a sense of mystique.

Point and collar – Krista R’s reclaimed vintage fabrics – silk, gossamer, lace and satin with elaborate beading and embroidery is beautiful. I would quite like to own everything. You can pretty much buy everything here.


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