on fred einaudi

I’ve been away for a while – and I can once more return to the internet. I had my last exam today (policy in the cultural sector) and things went considerably better than expected. I’m back in to the swing of working in a bar, looking after GWBP this month (come say hey…bring diet coke) and planning my super elaborate holiday. I say super elaborate -it’s a week in Lanzarote. I’m pretty determined to make it happen.

Anyway I thought I would ease back in with sharing with you the work of Fred Eiuaudi.
I love the surreal dystopian quality they images have. They feel like they could have come straight out some steam punk sci fi fantasy which anyone who knows me at all knows I’d be crazy on board with this.

Anyone other than checking out these guys hoping you guys could give me some advice. Holidaywise…your product recommendations, and more important – I want to know what should be on my Summer reading list. Many thanks and the like.


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