on charlotte olympia (or cat shoes,get on my feet now)

Sometimes the internet turns out things that I can’t help blog about. Tumblr – any gif involving Snape being wonderful, delicious cake and cats. Here – galaxy print, really good shoes, and cats. Internet, I give you the Charlotte Olympia Smoking Cat Wedge.Internets, you did good.
Well more so, Charlotte Olympia. Someone knows her market. That or someone looked at Marc Jacobs mouse shoes and thought…”this would be better with cats and a heel.” They were not wrong. Black and red velvet, gold detailing on the little cat face features – and of course a wedge that makes it pretty much acceptable day wear that can transcend to dancing like an utter tit in the venue of your choice.
Safe to say I’ve fallen in love with the work of luxury shoe brand Charlotte Olympia. With an ethos in old time glamour with quirky detailing I think it would have been a tough one for me not to like what the London based company turn out on a regular basis. Leopard print and bright colours feature heavily throughout the designers work as well as a gold spider as the signature on the bottom of the shoe. This makes me die inside a little bit. Little bittle details that are just for my benefit are something I adore. Like Irregular choice and their elaborate designs on the sole of the shoe. That ain’t for anybody but you. It’s pretty near delightful.
The cat wedges will also be available in a pump and kitten as part of the A/W 11 collection, and like all wonderful things will not be cheap. I suspect the cat wedges of my dreams will be upwards of £800. There is always EuroMillions though amirite ladies?
My heart is overblown by the perfection. Seriously I’m not entirely sure why I torture myself with shoes I cannot afford. I suspect this is also why I spent a horrible amount of time on The Pioneer Woman and various interior design blogs. Living vicariously through other people’s beautiful things. Thank you internet for allowing me to be a full time creep.


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