on charlotte taylor (or prints…you’re doing it right)

I am a sucker for print. The more novel the better. Seriously, as a teenager I could not get enough of it. At the time H&M were more than willing to accommodate. Skulls on EVERYTHING. I also recall a rather awesome grey top with tiny little cats all over it. My laces were covered in stars, my tights were leopard print, I wore way too much bright jewellery and everything was studded. I pretty much thought I was the shit. Or as much as any one can- teenage anxieties aside. As with anything style changes, and I began to opt for things that were slightly better made – and found a love for vintage – which for the most part was for me more about shapes and fabrics than prints. I found a way to express myself in a slightly more mature way without looking like some Saturday morning cartoon had been sick all over me.
I think it started when I was 18 really. Like some bizarre quarter life crisis. I was going to be like dressing pin up all the time. Heels, pencil skirts and red lipsticks…all the fucking time. The lipstick stayed and everything else pretty much fell by the wayside. I liked the polished look sure, but it was way to high maintenance- plus there is this whole thing with hair that goes with the look. I can backcomb and stick my hair in a messy bobble – THAT IS IT. I am going somewhere with this…promise. I got it in my head at some point that girl had to be all about the basics (which is good advice which I pretty much ignored in the favour of dresses) but when it came to tops and skirts and the like I liked to play it pretty safe. Other than leopard print. Bitches love leopard print.
But I never really got over my love for a good print. I was in Primark the other week and Miss L pretty much had her ear drums burst when I found “The Penguin Print Skirt” (or PPS for short.) I’d never stopped loving print, a novelty print is pretty much the way to my heart – but for the most part, most of the prints that make their way to the high street hurt my heart. It’s boring and the PPS. The PPS was awesome.
I suppose a print resurgence was a long time coming anyway as a few days on my newsfeed Natalie Dawson posted a picture from a little known designer called Charlotte Taylor. Suffice to say it was love at first sight.It should be noted that the first thing I squeeled about was GAH LOBSTERS. And of course when I think of lobsters I think of my long term love for Elsa Schiaparelli and this dress.

But my crazy crush on Schiparelli is best saved for another time

I can’t believe I’ve never come across Charlotte Taylor before – girls worked with Luella and her fun bright designs are right up my street. And the styling is my exact flavour of quirk. The robots I’m not so crazy for but I can totally get on board with fugly concepts of ants and lobsters and penguins. Even more so with this colour palette. Mint green and merlot? Orange and pink? Yes one thousand times. What I love about these designs is that they are playful but at the same time seem grown up and dare I say…elegant? Yeah I’m throwing that one in the mix.

Anyway I’m sure I’ve fangirled enough, you really should check out her stuff. Charlotte Taylor has a blog and a website so be sure to check out and pretty much appreciate print design done very very right.


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