on cats and the universe

Anyone remotely surprised I posted these? Nobody? Thought as much. It’s probably come up once or twice that I do enjoy nothing more than a good wedge and a galaxy print. NATURAL marriage. Clearly. Anyway these hand painted (yeah you read that right) nebula wedges can be purchaseyed on etsy for 111 of your british pounds and 59 of your pence. Available in all the sizes (I saw all the sizes…I really mean they run from 3 – 8) these guys are pretty much my favourite. Painted on faux suede, the nebula wedge can be custom ordered. Want different colours? Fancy your name? Gravy. Kustom Kixx can make it happen. Oh you are good.

Now on the subject of natural marriages…..cats and the cosmos? OBVIOUS MARRIAGE IS OBVIOUS.
It’s the Easter weekend after all and what better way to start it than with cats? I’ve pretty much spent the whole night up ill/writing a research proposal…so if you will forgive me this small self indulgence I promise I’ll be back with some products reviews and proper ramblings next week. Until then my weekend is planned out as – work (hopefully…I need the dollah), not be sick, watch loads of Doctor Who, try not kill the builders outside my flat and easter tea with my beautiful besty and her family. Have a good one x
AN: By the by….totally worth noting you can buy the cat tshirt here. It’s designed by an artist called Zippora Lux….king of the celestial cat and the creator of the first kitty cat image here. I’ve featured his galaxy cats before….but never in tshirt form. SWOON.


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