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Oh hey sunshine. Long time no see. Apparently my old bifocals hate the sunshine (and rain,and steam) well…like most things. The next few months look to have me returning to wearing contact lenses for the next few months, and getting myself some bitching sunglasses.

Obv the splurge would be these guys:

Jeremy Scott Wing Glasses – £191 (how specific) from Urban Outfitters

I’ve long been lectured on the merits of spending money on sunglasses, because if you look after them they will last forever and you will never ever regret it blahblahblah. I am terrible with glasses. The ones that help me see and stay on my face 90% of the time. I can’t justify this kind of money on sunglasses (or anything tbh.) I’d look like a total boss in them but.

The attainable:

Cheap Monday Cats eye Sunglasses – £22 – Urban Outfitters

Continuing the theme of looking like an utter boss, these Cheap Monday cats eye glasses. £22 is acceptable for sunglasses right? They aren’t as….elaborate as the Jeremy Scott ones, which is a plus or minus depending on what camp you hair from – but either way I’m a fan. Because they are black. And cats eye.
For now though my £2 mint green sunglasses from Primark which is okay with me. They make me feel a bit like Alabama Worley – with less leopard print.


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