on the jett dress

I’ve been a fan of Jett Sweeney’s work since I first set eyes on her graduate collection. It was one of those moments for me where I was very much of the mind set…”oh fuck yes.” All black and gold and sheepskin and jersey and I pretty much fell in love with the entire thing…but mostly the shoulder piece. Anyway…..skip to the end, last year Jett walked away with Graduate of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards (and rightly so) and as part of the prize one of her designs is being released in Marks and Spencers. I say being…in fact the Jett dress (as part of the limited collection) went on sale in Glasgow,Edinburgh & London yesterday. What I love about the “Jett dress” is how it incorporates pretty much everything I love about the graduate collection (black,brass detailing) while still being wearable…and I use that word in the best way. The dress has an almost classic feel about it, while retaining the edge that I enjoy so much in Sweeney’s designs. Anyhow…..the dress will be online soon enough if my sources are correct, but if you’re in Glasvegas (Argyle Street), Edinburgh(Princess Street) or London (Marble Arch Store) you can pop down and get one of these guys now for 95 of your British.
Photo: Vogue.com
Millinery: William Chambers
Review of Jett’s collection here


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