on guy bourdin

I feel it’s pretty sure when it comes to photography, 3 gentlemen reign mighty in my heart. Helmut Newton, Miles Aldridge and the mighty Guy Bourdin.
Guy Bourdin was a french fashion photographer, and was one of the most influential fashion photographers of his age. The protege of Man Ray, Bourdin was crazy talented – Nick Knight, David LaChapelle and Jean Baptise Mondino all citing him as an infleunce. While Bourdin was not known for his charm, his work was iconic. He created surreal sensual narratives that were way before his time – shooting campaigns for Chanel, Versace, Issey Miyake and working for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.
His work was cinematic – sexual and powerful and drew the viewer in. His highly stylised campaigns were crazy popular and were hotly anticipated within the media. Again – crazy talent. I’m pretty sure I’m all sorts of in love with his work. Now that I’m back in the working world (that pays) Exhibit A and In Between are pretty high on my life of useless shit I want to buy. Subsidise useless shit with life essentials and you get the idea.
Yeah…he’s amazing.


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