on caitlin paxton at the corinthian

Last weekend I was invited along to see Caitlin Paxton’s capsule collection at the Corinthian. After seeing her work previously at Che Camille’s Vogue Ball, I was looking forward to the chance to see her work up close in a more intimate setting.

The Corinthian certainly is that. As an event space – it seemed like an unusual choice for a fashion show. The whole feel of the set up felt a bit like a challenge in America’s Next Top Model. The catwalk for the evening was this high glass table, the girls walking on to with a staircase that pulled out from under it – wearing sunglasses, I was unsure if this was some sort of safety measure due to lighting or an aesthetic choice, but the whole feel felt rather odd.

Thank God then for the clothes. Caitlin Paxton’s designs invoke a simple elegance, working with classic cuts with flourishes of unusual details throughout. I had a soft spot for the colour palette throughout – a mixture of black,brown and blue. A nice earthy quality which I find quite comforting – and the sort of pieces that could easily integrate in to any one’s year round wardrobe. The garments were finished beautifully and I loved the mix of fabrics going down the runway – leather, silk and wool. The button detailing features prominently within her designs and took otherwise classic pieces and added character. The cut of the dresses wasn’t something I was crazy about (this is more personal preference than a critique of the designs) the silk high waisted trousers that went down the catwalk stole my heart. Black and gold colour combo? Colour me sold.
Overall the evening did have a very weird feel to it – and this had more to do with the set up than anything else. The collection was wonderful, although I would have liked if there has been a bit more fluidity to the show. There was no real formal announcement, just loud music and girls walking on the table. I feel that the clothes deserved more focus, and while there is merit in using different locations, it didn’t seem to work to it’s advantage hear. I can’t wait to see more of Paxton’s work and look forward to seeing more of her collection soon.
Caitlin Paxton‘s site is now open for business btw. Deff work a shifty on a Saturday afternoon.


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