on a brief history of hair…and an inevitability

It’s been on my mind for a while now. Mainly because I’m lazy. Well partially. It’s more of an upkeep thing more than anything. Thing is…I’m a natural blonde. I started bleaching my hair a good 7 years ago…because it seemed like a really awesome idea. Bleached blonde was my go to colour between playing with blues and pinks – namely because it looked great , but it had the fun and cheeky bonus of my roots not actually looking that horrendous when they came back in. Then I decided to go on some weird kick a few years ago. Give my hair a break I said. Let it grow and love it I said. After 2 and a half years of being brunette it’s time to go back to my roots (heh.)
The upkeep of being dark is worse than I could have imagined. When I let my hair grow in it looks like I’m going either grey or bald, and if I ever miss bits I’ve got little blonde wisps kicking around my hair. Not the most powerful of looks. While bleached blonde is by no means my natural colour…I’d like to think of it as a stopping point before going au natural once more. Response among the friend group has been mixed – those who knew me blonde seeming to be in favour of it. Mum’s used to the “grown up dark hair”…and also questioned how I was planning on paying for it. My answer….wine and cake my dear, wine and cake.
I’ve fooled around with hair quite a lot, and though being dark has given it a welcome break from peroxide death, it’s long enough that I find I can live with loosing a few inches, and it will act as a baby step to getting back to never having to dye my hair again. A girl can dream. Seriously though……there is only so many intensive conditioning treatments a girl’s bank balance can take. I mean I still miss my blue hair (though it was tougher to keep than the dark)…and I definitely had some interesting remarks on it once upon a time. “Blue hair down the barras….you better watch yourself hen…” Thank you random stall holder.
Maybe I’m just nostalgic. Maybe in my head returning to blonde will make me look younger (I’m turning in to one of those people)….but I think mostly I’m actually looking forward to being able to experiment with make up a bit more.
I guess part of me is nervous as not entirely sure my hair will take to it. Any recommendation from going to reddy brunette back to blonde?


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