on fleet ilya spring time

Fleet Ilya return to form with their stunning spring/summer collecting. Continuing to take their cues from bondage and fetish, Fleet Ilya’s leather accessorise are sexy and fun, and the new collection subverts the usual black harnesses in favour of mixing brights and pastels to juxtapose the full body harnesses and belts. The light toffee and bone coloured harnesses are astounding and manage to look like something that could be brought in to any one’s wardrobe to add a little bit of an edge without making you look like a prostitute. The waist cincher belts as always are gorgeous and I find myself strangely attracted to the money belt (it’s like a bum bag…without being horrendous.) The bags as always are gorgeous – specifically the satchels, though I do have a soft spot for the clutch. What I like most about this collection is the 70’s colour palette of coral, peppermint and nude and how well cut everything is. The harnesses and belts don’t feel like they are being edgy for edgys sake but are presented as something that could be a wardrobe staple, as with any of these pieces.
I’m not going to pretend any of these guys are within my budget (the money belt clocking in at $255)…but can’t really help swooning a bit at everything here. Wonder if I could make a money belt work without looking like a total tourist/loser? Hurm…I smell a challenge.


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