on top 5 things to see at glasgow film festival

(other than Pyuupiru.)

While I am under no illusion that I will get to see my entire wishlist as I’m pretty sure I can safely file the week of GFF firmly under mental, but there are a few things in this years programme that I’d quite like to see.

5: Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston
Screening: Wednesday 23–Thursday 24 February
The Fashion in Film Strand is pretty stunning this year….and while the Vidal Sassoon film does look amazing, it’s In Search of Halston that really peaks my interest. I’ve always had a certain fondness for a good documentary -and if you can only see one film as part of the fashion strand, you can’t really go wrong with Halston. Ever.

4: William S Burroughs: A Man WithinScreening: Friday 25–Saturday 26 February
The second documentary on the list but certainly not the last – but really, let really how could I resist? “A Harvard graduate, gun fetishist, drug-addicted, cantankerous iconoclast, beguiled by the beauty of words and the pain of life, Burroughs was an inspiration to punk and grunge alike. ” GOD. I was fucking sold before I even read the title of the film let alone till I knew it was about Burroughs.

3: Battle Royale: 3D

Screening: Thursday 24 February
Say what you like about Battle Royale…but their is no denying it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The fact it’s in 3D doesn’t really matter so much to me (I’ve never understood the resurgence, it just makes me think of Back To The Future and Jaws…) but any chance to see this guy on the big screen is worth it.

2: HowlScreening: Friday 18–Saturday 19 February
I’m noticed a trend with the kind of thing I’m attracted to in this year’s programme. This Ginsberg biopic sounds like it could be worth a screening or two mixing traditional film with animated sequences this guy has this potential to be 11 types of amazing, or really fucking bland. I’m hoping for the former.

1: Marwencol
Screening: Sunday 20–Monday 21 February
If I only get to see one film at this years festival I would quite like to make it Marwencol. Mark Hogancamp is beaten outside a bar and has to learn to walk and talk again…and his way of dealing of it is building a 1/6th model of a world war 2 town named Mawencol – and taking photos of the events that “happen” in the town. This looks…amazing.

These are just the highlights for me, but I may have promised the boy we would go see Ginger Rodgers in old time classic Top Hat, and there is a series of short films about the NoWave
movement that looks like it’s worth a look in to. Attenberg, from the director of Dogtooth looks like something I may just to have a creep in to as well.
I didn’t think there would be this much I would want to see this year….but my copy of the brochure is just covered in red marker. Is there anything you want to see this year?

PS:Clicking the links takes you to the film page to find more info and buy tickets. Don’t say I’m not good to ya.


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