on itcow and maybe sleeping forever

I actually can’t believe how quickly the past 11 days have gone. It’s Sunday and tonight’s the film festival closing gala. I’ve still got loads of bits and bobs to do – mostly finance and reporting, making sure the entertainment gets sorted and everyone who’s meant to be on “the list” (how wanky does that sound…”the list”) is on it. Sod’s law knocked me for six and gave me a cold – which hit me worst last night at Iona’s new collection launch (which is unbelievable by the way.) Thankfully last night was an early finish (got a taxi home at 8:30) and today is a late start – so I’m allowing myself to return to something that resembles a functioning human being before I slide back in to the office.

Anyway – ITCOW with GFF. What can I say? It felt like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong that night – from a planning perspective anyway. There were bits I liked, bits I didn’t. In spite of that – the clothes looked fucking amazing, as did the hair and make-up. Colour me pleased as punch. The party didn’t go down half bad either. Free rum and cake will do that to a person. Due to a tech error Pam’s cd decks didn’t work – she was worried people thought she didn’t want to dj, bless her. However the boys from Menergy sorted us with some tunes so everything seemed to go splendid in the end. Few rough edges got to sort over the next few days though…..

The designers were as always, sweet as sugar to work with.
Lilly Wiggler’s collection (not pictured) was gorgeous – loads of mental bodysuits, sort of like porn star Judy Jetson come Barbarella. This is a good thing.
Nicola Beedie’s collection was some of the most wearable stuff to go down the runway (apart from which we at ITCOW HQ affectionately dubbed the sexy Mr Tumnous jumpsuit) but yes – it was wonderful. Lots of lace and jersey. ITCOW with GFF marked House of Black’s first catwalk show out of Uni and I have to say I was insanely impressed by his collection, and attitude. David is such a sweet and humble and wonderful person to work with – and his classic 50’s cuts with a contemporary twist….are just gorgeous.
What can you say about Judy Clark’s collection other than it’s pretty much perfect. Working with Harris Tweed and lace – her collection has this unbelievable attention to detail. The cuts are beautiful and dramatic – was nice to see this taxi on the heritage fabric.It should be no surprise to anyone that Obscure Couture’s stuff remain a film favourite with me. Orange ball gown, anarcardi, pink leather studded skirt and lace tops – everything was swoonerific.
And finally Torres. Rebecca’s new collection is unbelievable. I’ve got myself a wee piece from her last collection – and her collection may be “skin tight” they are actually crazy flattering. One to watch for sure.

I was running around in a beautiful piece from Alan Moore at ten30 (pics to follow), eating jasmine cake and making sure everything went to plan. In spite of everything I felt very very zen about everything. I have to thank Lady Munter and Vanity Von Glow for introducing the film, the wonderful staff at the CCA, GFF volunteers, our models from Superior, Suzy McGill and her art team from Rainbow Room’s Uddingston – some of the most insanely talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, Fiona and the rest of her team from Illamasqua, Claire & Fiona from Urban Outfitters, Glasgow Caledonian University for funding the fashion strand of the festival, our amazing dressers…..and FINALLY Katy Barron and Ally Turnbull. Ally – my partner in crime and co-director of ITCOW, and stage manager extraordinaire and Katy, pretty much my right hand woman. You guy’s I couldn’t have done it without you.

A special thanks to everyone who comes to all these events. It’s wonderful to see how supportive Glasgow’s fashion community is and can’t wait to see more events that support the vast talent that Glasgow has to offer.
All photos thanks to the super talented: Grant Alexander McDonald


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