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One thing that was constantly asked of me at the festival was…”So how you feeling about everything, stressed?” and the thing is….9 times out of 10 the answer was no. Yea there were a few things I would have changed – but I’d be worried if I’d got to a point where I thought I didn’t need to change things. It’s a learning curve and the past 14 days has just confirmed how much I am very much in love with the events industry. Yes the hours are a bit crap and a bit long, and there is a lot of prep work before (I’m planning to be an excel supreamo before the year is out) but I think that’s a necessary evil for any sector in the creative industry. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people through events…and yeah the pros of the job are pretty amazing. The closing gala was last night (one last party at St Judes). I started off the day unable to get a hold of Clanadonia (the nicest men in the world), with no tarot card reader and no models and unsure how tall the raised platform would be for our burlesque performer. A few phone calls later we have some makeshift togas, models being body painted in the back room and the amazing Gypsy ready to read guests tarot cards. A special thanks to the girls who helped me pull this off…you know who you are.
I’m back to uni tomorrow, which is a bit weird – and then next couple of weeks will be in the office helping tie up loose ends (budgets and reports and little fiddly bits) then a wee break (in which I will do every essay under the sun) before undertaking a wee project. Good times.
For now though I’ve set up fort in the living room with lucozade, breakfast rolls and some dvds. Mum has promised me a spa day in the near future which is something else to file in to the drawer of good things. As promised : wearing a bit of ten30 at the after party. Pic Stuart Crawford.


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