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Happy New Year lovelies. I feel like I’m finally returning to real life after the festive season. Chocolate for breakfast, boxsets and sooooooo many cocktail sausages the past couple of weeks have been crazy brilliant. I’m slowly trying to get my business head back on though as it’s back to the office in a week, then Uni a week after that.

Anyway, I suppose this year I’ve got a few resolutions that I’d like to keep:
-Go to the theatre/ballet more (it’s not that expensive compared to a night of jagerbombs)
-Take more photos
-Be more focused with my work
-More work experience please
ITCOW to the Fringe…..?
-Drink more water
Excersise more
-Start dressing more like an Agatha Christie heroine
-Invest in nice basics, my whole life does not have to come out of Primark. Instead buy pieces I love
-Take off my make-up before sleeps…facewipes a last resort please
-Moisturise. Twice a day.
-Leave Scotland at least once. London at least. I’d quite like to go somewhere on a plane.
-Live within my means
-Try new recipes
-Cut down on smoking, maybe give up…maybe

2010 was good to me. I started this blog…and updated it, I didn’t do too bad in Uni, lost some weight, gave up smoking for 6 months, grew close to some wonderful people, started ITCOW, went to the Scottish Event Awards and went home with a prize, cut down on drinking, expanded my wardrobe…though cut down on my crippling underwear habit and taught myself some new recipes – including a killer vegan chilli and banana bread. So not a terrible year…though I fell off the horse when I stopped running and started smoking again. C’est la Vie.
What are your new year resolutions?

Anyway New Year’a eve was pretty awesome…there was kittens and crackers and black russians in russian doll teapots….kisses at the bells, hangover meals and dancing.

This….cracked me up to no end

Also….I believe I promised a recipe? How about some Black Forrest Pavlova? NOM

You will be needing
-4 egg whites
-175g white sugar
-300ml cream
-a little somethingsomething for the topping. Next time I’m thinking pear and dark chocolate but for this guy it’s black forest mixed fruits from the freezer. You can use whatever though.

Things that are all sorts of handy and pretty much essential
-electric whisk (I learned this the hard way back when I first tried pavlova…and ended up making eton mess)
-a clean glass bowl (glass works better than plastic…though ceramic will do)
-baking paper

What to do
Separate the egg whites and put in a bowl. Make sure there is no yolk. Yolk will fuck your shit up….and stop your egg whites from doing the thing they need to do. Namely become meringuey. Get your electric whisk and whisk till the eggs froth and become stiff white peaks. You should be able to hold the bowl above your head and nothing should fall out. It’s a pretty neat trick. Always use an electric whisk for this guy…..seriously it will take you HOURS to get it to the right texture other wise. Add the sugar….25g at a time…whisking as you do so. The mixture should become white and glossy and generally look all sorts of good. Spoon on to a baking tray with baking paper on….and pop in to at 140°C. Cook for one hour, then turn off. Let it dry out in the oven. This can take a few hours. You can leave it over night if you fancy but I made it New Year’s Day and it was ripe for the eating by tea time.
Before serving: Whip the cream – again your electric whisk is your best friend – spoon on to the delicious meringuey base then decorate with topping of your choice.
Have a big fuck off slice and settle down to watch your New Year Movie of choice. YES.

If anyone tries it out let me know how it goes for you x


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