on having friends more talented than myself

I feel like I rarely get the chance to breathe these days. The film festival is but a few weeks away and uni seems to be very full on at the moment. Currently putting together a presentation on Gender and Music Performance…so if you guys know any readings I should check out…I’m all sorts of ears. Seems like a really interesting subject though. That paired with a presentation on liberalism on Tuesday…so far 2011 has been pretty sweet, delivering me the kinds of projects I totally love.
That said though…the film from Monday’s photo shoot was lost in Jessops. Thoroughly unimpressed, but means we will just have to pull something together. It can be done…just feel a little on edge about the whole thing.

Anyway today’s been a busy one, popped down to GMBH for their last day in the Modern Institute (but no worries you can still get your zine fix online) before popping down to Bold Souls in it’s new home – The Sub Club. The layout looked fantastic and it was so…bright. I can hear you non-believers now. Light? In the Sub Club? Yes sir. Anyway all the designers had stalls – Kureaa Besu made their first appearance. They had the post perfect eggshell blue jacket with purple lining that was just cut all sorts of beautiful. £190 (not bad for a Winter coat) but more than I have left in my overdraft. Woe on to thee. I believe it’s time to quit smoking again….

While there, I ran in to Ten30’s Alan Moore – who I hadn’t seen since the photo shoot on Monday. He was of course promoting the fact he’s up for Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Variety Awards (vote for him here) with make-shift flyers, and selling/showcasing Last Tango in Harris. Anyway….getting to the point…Alan was kind enough to bestow upon me my very own Ten30 scarf. The print seems to come from his Tron Girls collection – yet as a scarf it’s reminiscent of Christopher Kane’s collection for Liberty – except more tie dye galaxy than straight up galaxy print. I near enough cried. I don’t think there is anything quite so lovely as getting something someone made.The scarf is actually massive-that’s it wrapped round me (note I’m crap with a cam) but it means it’s so versatile. I’m just so immensely touched by the gesture, and to be given something I love so completely is just dead nice. I’m already thinking of ways to sneak this guy in to my wardrobe 24/7.


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