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So it’s a week till press day and you feel everything get busier around the offices. A bit of excel, a flirtation with the fax machine and a long enduring love affair with the printer and you get a rough idea of how my week’s been. Everything really feels like it’s slotting in to place. I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been working on!
Until then though the trailer for Glasgow Film Festival is online – and tickets for events go on sale from the 20th. The programme this year is amazing (insane/ridiculous/eclectic) and I’m going to do everything in my power to at least show face at some of these events – even if it is running about with a clipboard and pens in my hair.

In other news I’ve started to give my life more structure – using my excessive bike, having a proper breakfast, preparing packed lunches and all those jazzy adult things. It’s definitely nice to have some semblance of order. I’ve decided to try doing this food diary – my eating habits have never been atrocious but again it’s this whole sense of order after the festive season. I’ll let you know how the progress with this goes. It’s about time I started doing all these proper type things rather than running about and spending all my money on reduced scones and cheese sandwiches.

Boyfriend had his first attempt at cooking for me last week. Alas it was a bit of a soggy disaster (vegan chilli wraps never tasted so wet) so I’m bringing the eats round in Tupperware.

University starts again this week so this year all systems are go. Feels fucking brilliant to have everything happening. Till next time.


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