on beauty essentials – elizabeth arden 8 hour cream

There is a reason 8 hour cream is often cited as “beauty’s worst kept secret” yet it was something I’d never really used until recently. It seemed to sound a bit like an overpriced Vaseline. A sort of….every woman product. It will moisturise your skin (though best to save this for things like flights unless you fancy looking like a greasy mess), tame your brows and gloss your lips. So far so standard. Everyone has their uses for it. I’ve heard of it being used to condition the ends of hair, or eyelashes – but it’s core use has to be to treat minor skin ailments in 8 hours. Now I quite like Elizabeth Arden products as a whole (mostly their beauty treatments and mascaras) so it’s pretty much expected I’d have some 8 hour cream totting about my bag. I’ve used it occasionally for gloss and a bit of brow taming when I’ve been low on space but it’s really been in the last week it’s came in to its own. You see last week I burned myself – kettle steam. It’s not brilliant. Anyway ended up with a burn just bigger than a postage stamp (which usually merits a trip to the doctors btw fact fans, I’ll know better next time.) It was red and angry so I did the British thing. Bit of cold water and then later on the evening an ice pack. Excellent damage control. Anyway once it had cooled down I started moisturising it to make sure it didn’t get dry/red and angry. I tried hand cream, but when I started using 8 hour cream on a whim to treat it – the results were amazing. Yes the smell was strong (it’s quite a medicated smell…I for one love it, but doesn’t make you popular in the office) and the texture thick and yellow but gadz it sure worked a treat. Soon enough my skin started to look a lot of healthier and the worst is now over. I’ve got some fresh skin (tmi?) and while still a little bit red, my wrist looks a lot healthier.
I actually don’t have much bad to say about this product…other than the price (about £23 in Boots for 50ml) but that said it really is a beauty box essential for me – like a really good mascara and the perfect red lipstick. I can’t imagine not having it in my bag and the fact it is multi purpose serves me well when I have to meet people after work…it just sort of sleeks everything out. I know a few people aren’t crazy about the smell but the texture is lovely and it does last forever. It may seem like a big spend but I’d say it’s worth it. Plus the packaging. It’s pretty much timeless.
Still not convinced? Elizabeth Arden do samples. For free. Cause they are dead good. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


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