on topshop nail polish review – lead

Okay – yes, my nails are a bit of a riot, so please forgive my manimess – instead, enjoy the glorious oil spill effect that is Topshop’s Lead Nailpolish.

The Heavy Metal make-up range from Topshop was always going to get me hot under the collar, and it’s really the limited edition polishes that are the stand out pieces for me. I’ve already used grunge but lead…..well I had to try it. It’s got a greeny purple “shimmer” that changes in the light and as I mentioned above, reminds me a little bit of oil on water. It’s almost got a black base….and I have to use the word “shimmer” lightly- it just seems to have a lot of colour in it in different light. As with all Topshop polishes I find the formula brilliant and its application is easy as pie. It has chipped, but this has more to do with the fact I’m ridiculously hard on my nails than anything else.

At £6 it’s a litttttttttle pricey, but the packaging is lovely and it’s a very unusual colour. It’s pretty while maintaining just enough galaxygoth edge for me to roll with it. I’ve got a bottle of future I’ll be taking for a trial run soon, so safe to say I’m pretty obsessed with the Heavy Metal polishes. Maybe a possible stocking filler for you ladies?

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