on topshop nail polish review – future (and a thank you)

Once more I invite you to marvel at my marvelous mani skills. Again I apologise for the riot that my nails are this time….but for once, I feel that the polish is about 50% o blame.

I’ve reviewed other Topshop Polishes here before, grunge and lead from the heavy metal collection, so it only seemed natural that I should give future a bash. £6 and hell yes I was excited. The other two had been pretty fantastic- in application, in finish, in non-chippishness…which is why I was so surprised with Future.
I don’t know why, but for some reason this just didn’t seem to apply as easily as the other two polishes. It went on a bit thick. I also didn’t find it as hard wearing as the other two. Honestly this colour chipped and peeled at everything. I’d look down to my hand and smudge city was all over the shop…..which is a shame because it is a pretty colour.
And it is that, a pretty colour. A TARDIS blue (my geek showing,sorry) if you will. It seems to have a light shimmer through and the colour itself I can see making the transition from this season to next fairly easily. The unusual bright blue is gorgeous but for £6 I think I expected something a little more spectacular that a light shimmer. At the end of the day Barry M and Stargazer both do very similar colours, a lot better and a lot cheaper. I like the colour enough to wear it again, and work through the kinks with future, but if you want my advice – stick with a cheaper polish. There is nothing overly special about this guy and you can get 2 for the price of one of these guys over at the Barry M counter.

ALSO I hate to shove this in with such a negative review but it really has to be said. This morning (and I mean morning….like 8 o clockish) the postman came a knocking to my door with a package from Edinburgh (how exotic.) In all seriousness though…it was quite exciting.
The gorgeous Steph from over at Walk The Sand sent me some of her fashion illustration work for my home. I’d noted some amaze pics adorning her home over at her blog and made a wee comment on them, turned out…it was her own handiwork, and she offered to send me a piece through. Obviously I said yes. I’m actually 11 types of thankful for this, it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever got through the post and it will be going straight up in the living room. I’d like to thank Steph again for being so lovely and sharing some of her work with me.
You should check out her blog by the by….it’s pretty fantastic.

EDIT: If you want a better look at the colour head over to Best of Beaute – she’s got some great shots of Future compared to my messy flash mess.


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