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That’s me hit the 100 mark…hiya new and old followers and cheers for stopping by ETC. Within the week will be preparing a wee giveaway to celebrate so keep the eyes creeped.
I’m holed up in Casa Waits today – the trains remain rubbish so can’t meet with some of my PR group and quite frankly, I’m finding it difficult to work up the will to leave the relative warmth of my flat. Today will be spent watching documentaries on iplayer and piling through my uni work.

Anyway, it’s no secret I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady, so what better way than to spend my snow day than paying homage to the ultimate cat lady Selina Kyle. I fucking love Batman Returns…the whole look of the movie is pretty much perfect, and I love Selina Kyle’s style B.C (before catwoman)…her flat is pretty much amazing. She’s just very sweet and I surely can’t be the only one who’s lusting after that burnt oatmeal suit. Burnt oatmeal? Whatever. It’s not quite orange, it’s not quite brown. I’m going with that.

The transform scene is fucking incredible. Seeing Selina go a bit bat shit crazy (being shot in the head will do that to a girl), masacring her soft toys and spray painting her flat is cinematic gold.

Surely I’m not the only one who is in love with this?


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