on helmut newton

For me, it begins and ends with Helmut Newton.
Really though, for me, there isn’t.
One of the most influential photographers of all time, Netwon was nothing short of a genius. He specialised in highly sexualised, high stylised shots – taking influence from sado-machisim, religion and art. Erotic and strange and all round fantastic, Helmut Newton is pretty much my favourite photographer. You can see his influence everywhere today – things that are considered fresh and raw and all those other fancy fashion adjectives….Helmut Netwon was turning it out in the 60’s. He pretty much worked for everyone – British Vogue in the 50s followed by French Vogue,Harper’s Bazaar and Playboy in the 60s. I know this has turned in to a bit of a love letter for Newton, and in a way it is. For me, it begins and ends with Helmut Newton.

Everything else is just white noise.


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