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It’s no secret round these parts that the lady likes a nice scarf. I’ve also expressed a certain fondness for illustration and animation and all sorts, so I guess it’s pretty much a no brainer that I would go crazy for these bad boys from fashion illustrator extraordinaire, Coco. Her illustrations are delicate, detailed and very feminine, translate to a silk scarf my friend and we have swoon city.
Forget Me Not is a collection of digital prints on scarfs and turbans….though truth be told, I’d be torn between wearing these guys and hanging them on my wall. Framed. Surrounded by candles and incense. Well okay…maybe not the candles but the frame, totally plausible. Described as an extension of her work as an artist, for me their is no doubt that these on their on are art. It’s strangely reminiscent of James Jean’s collaboration with Prada. Like Jean, her work is dreamlike and detailed. Throughout her designs we see delicate female figures and a helluva lot of nature – birds, beetles and the stars. It’s wonderful.
So yeah….Coco’s amazing. Her designs are amazing, the scarfs are amazing, and when not travelling between Paris and London, in her spare time she writes trend reports for the likes of Vogue,Nylon and Elle. WOWS.
Anyway you can find out more about Coco here. Her scarfs are available in 10 countries, mostly in luxury brand stores (see Harvey Nicks and Barneys) as well as on her online store here.
Can I end on another swoon?



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